Friday, February 26, 2010

Streamlining Teaching Processes

The beautiful New Orleans Ballroom is the site of the last breakout session I’ll be attending at ICE. A full house to see “Streamline Your Teaching Processes” led by presenter Daniel Rezac, yet another Google Certified teacher here at ICE. Here are my notes on this presentation for using Google Aps:

·         Use your google docs/spreadsheet to create a table where students walk in and add their name to the a seating chart.

·         I’m thinking you can do an easy attendance everyday using google forms

·         Lesson planning using the google presentation- add your lesson plan info, standards, etc. to your powerpoint, you can print out the notes to give to your principal, add extra information or differentiated learning into the powerpoint for students to reference individually.

·         Google calendars can be embedded right into teacher sites.

This is a good presentation, but at this point I’m not hearing anything new to me so I’m going to dash!

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1 comment:

Daniel Rezac said...

Glad you could make it to my presentation!

At least you walked away with a few things. I try to always bring things back to pedagogy and critical thinking.

I'll catch you on the Internets!