Thursday, February 25, 2010

Plain Language Needed: Understanding PLN

My third breakout session of the day, and finally a bit of breathing room! I’m plugged in and so far the network is backed up (having a bit of tech issues here….) This presentation, Plain Language Needed: Understanding PLN focuses on getting your personal learning network up and running! Here are my notes:

Stephanie Madlinger @cyberteacher- St. Louis, Mo

Cindy Lane @clane

These two women (both google certified teachers) are inspirations to me- I’d love to follow similar career paths. is an alternative to Skype.

Chris Brogan (blogging guru) states that information much be: dynamic, localized, atomized, relevant, etc.)

PLN is Personal Learning Network (sometimes referred to as Professional Learning Network)

·         Created by user (what about pre-creating or twitter lists?)

·         Virtual community, common interests, open membership or closed (depending), they will help you but you will probably never meet.

·         Interesting visuals about how network will grow.


·         600 tweets per second!

·         Tweetups, Twibes & Twubs

·         You have to reply to people, RT, and engage with people- not just sharing your own stuff.

·         It’s not taken personally if don’t follow, unfollow, or follow people.

·         Stephanie tries to keep her following to 300-400 people.

·         Follow RT ettiquite- it is a way of “siting your sources” and an untold rule of curisy




·         private sites, like your own community FaceBook

·         thousands of Nings, like the ICE conference Ning.


·         check out the website,


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