Thursday, July 15, 2010

Through the Eyes of The Twilight Saga: Digital Citizenship Brochure

In one of my graduate courses I recently had the assignment to create a digital citizenship brochure for students. I'm pleased with the results and thought I would share the brochure.

One requirement for the assignment was for the brochure to be comprehensive; however knowing junior high students (the audience the brochure was designed for) giving them too much information at once can be overwhelming; a brochure is not the correct method for distributing massive amounts of information, rather the tri-fold I designed is meant as an introduction to the idea of digital citizenship. I took a spin on this and designed it through the eyes of a Twilight fan.

  • I used Open Office Draw to create the brochure, then saved it as a pdf.
  • I used a website called morgueFile to find the picture on the cover. It was posted by jdurham.
  • The other Twilight images were taken from the download section of the official Twilight movie website.
As mentioned on the brochure, I have no affiliation with anyone who has anything to do with the making or production of Twilight, I'm just a devoted fan! The brochure is purely for educational purposes, feel free to use it according to the creative commons license listed on the back of the brochure.

You can download the brochure here.

As always I welcome comments and thoughts about the creation of the document!

Update (July 20, 2010) I got an A+ on this assignment. Whoo-hoo!