Thursday, February 25, 2010

MP3 Players in the Classroom

Now I'm sitting (literally- on the floor, it's crowded!) in Broadway C with presenters Michael Jones and Zack Gilbert to listen to their presentation on MP3 use in the classroom. It's no surprise that this small piece of technology is the most widely available piece of technology we all have access to. Here are my notes on the presentation:

  • Jigsaw media
  • Podcast reviews
  • Presenter from Bloomington Junior High School- mentioned one of my favorite techies- @mochagirl and how awesome she is.
  • Always preview content, labeled “clean” doesn’t mean appropriate.
  • They used for their presentation.
  • Creating content- speeches, podcast, service projects
  • Excellent handouts- it’s a book!
  • They use audacity or garageband
  • Voice digital recorders that plug into USB- monaural- have to record in stereo to hear out of both speakers.
  • In their district of almost 55% low income, 95% of his kids have an mp3 player of some kind.
  • More kids have access to this over cell phones- it’s the number one piece of technology that we have access to- can create a paperless classroom.
  • Wow! They created their own audio tours, uploaded it to itunes and now the community can download it! What a great REAL-learning project!
  •  grammargirl- I've listened to her podcasts before, great!
  • Lit 2 go

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