Thursday, February 25, 2010

Google Lit Trips

Yes, this is my 3rd time being at ICE, and yes, I still managed to get lost in this building! I'm here (with a bit walking through walls) in Salon II very excited to be listening to Google Lit Trips presented by Jerome Burg, all the way here from CA. I've communicated with Jerome briefly on email before and I'm thrilled to see him present on this project. Here are my notes on this inspired speaker:

  • Jerome mentioned that even though he is retired he can't get away from education. That is a true teacher!
  •, mixing the passion of  17th century literature with 21st century skills.
  • "Not On The Test" by John Forster & Tom Chapin- hilarious song about not teaching anything that isn't tested.
  • We need thinkers, researchers, creators- not regurgitation of information.
  • If we want to be better teachers we need to think about makes a better learner.
  • Buying a Tiger Woods golf club will not make you Tiger Woods; tech is just a tool- it's the learning involved in the technology that is useful!
  • China is only 2 seconds away on a telephone. We need to collaborate with them. It is 1 world, America isn't at the center anymore.
  • Lit Trips is geography, literature, cross-curricular.
  • Takes a travel story and adds it to google earth.
  • Examples: Grapes of Wrath, night, The Odyssey, Big Anthony, Possum Magic
  • Each stop has pictures, questions.
  • Tip- find a picture of what you want and then set the view to match the picture.
  • Use the 3D button as necessary for the story you are trying to tell.
  • This is just an incredible way to give students background knowledge of the journey through books and connect literature to real life.
  • Remember: It’s not the technology that makes things happen- it’s the teacher’s vision using that technology that makes a difference.
  • We want to produce people that can think for themselves.
  • We have to move on from what is our comfort zone and what we’ve always taught, we have to get out of traditional mode.
  • It makes me think of Mary Poppins where they jump into the pictures and go to the carnival; we can actually have kids virtually jump into the story.
  • I want to do this- but can’t help but think, “When do I have time?!”


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Jerome Burg said...

Hi Kelly,
When you do find time, let me know. I'm always happy to provide whatever support I can.