Thursday, February 25, 2010

Illinois Computing Educator's Conference 2010- Here we go!

After battling a scary snow storm last night we are here in St. Charles, Illinois at the 2010 Illinois Computing Educator's Conference! A sugary donut and a cup of tea later, I'm sitting here in the keynote presentation listening to Mario Armstrong (Armstrong Media), a media personality and inspiration to educational technology. Here are my notes from his presentation "Classrooms of the Future":


  • Seoul, Korea has the fasted internet speed?
  • Urban Video Game Acaedmy- he started this, students build video games through the knowledge of science and technology- cool!
  • Tech, Tech, Boom!
  • problem solving should be the emphasis of education
  • we need to have digitally literate students
  • Check out
  • "We need a national broadband policy." ~Absolutely!
  • Suggestions for using Skype in the classroom:

    ·         2nd grade interviewd bat expert

    ·         Develop a well defined objective


  • Many of his examples for educational tech are with elementary students, we need to stop thinking that little tykes can't handle it!
  • mobile is cheap and accessible, why aren't we using it more?!
  • we need to work in baby steps; this is hard to do when we we are so excited but feel thwarted when we are told we can't.
  • check out Zero G flights Northrop Grumman Foundation- I remember hearing about this, space and Kelly don't mix!
  • keep blogs updated :) (I need to do better on that!)
  • "The difference between having an audience and having a community is which way you face the chairs" ~@cbragron
  • This presentation is being streamed with Ustream- I need to check this out.
  • Skype is such an easy way to add tech to the one computer classroom- I'm wondering if our school has web cameras in the tech center we can check out.
  • "Be on demand.", students should be "drinking out of the firehouse....make sure your water is in the hose....." nice analogy.
  • check out livescribe- pen that's a computer.
  • unbelievable classroom: Chesapeake High School in Baltimore- augmented reality and virtual learning environments.
  • accelaglove, translating sign language to actual speech- whoa!
  • his final thought- how can school's implement a similar idea like Google's 20% rule? Amazing things have come out of that rule- so how can we have our own google time? good question......

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