Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Thoughts From #ICE12 on Thursday Morning

Ten things I've learned, thought about, been inspired by, or need to keep in mind since being at #ice12 this morning:

  1. Thought from keynote speaker Peter H. Reynolds, "Don't ask people what they do, ask them what their mission is."
  2. You can be taught at any time of your life and learn.
  3. $10.00 for a lunch? Not even a homemade
  4. Like the teacher who framed the picture of the dot, recognize all the accomplishments of students as the start of something great. You aren't hanging up art- you are displaying the possibilities.
  5. Ask your friends to search "Egypt" on Google and compare the results. You may not see it but you aren't getting the same results. Google is, in a way, controlling what we learn.
  6. According to a recent French study comprehension reading an iPad vs. a traditional newspaper is 20% less.
  7. Sites want people to click on things. Clicks equal money- not better learning opportunities. Your brain has to decide what to do when it comes to a click opportunity, which distracts from real content comprehension.
  8. Do you want your students to be able to find stuff or do you want them to be able to think?
  9. No matter how much you pre-plan what sessions you are going to attend, you change your mind. It's nice to have a good mix of heavy philosophy sessions and fun web 2.0 tech. 
  10. A lot of people

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