Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4 Summer Sanity Savers

What's this about teacher's having more time during the summer? I've been on summer break for only a few weeks; and when I don't have a toddler attached to my leg I have a laptop attached to my hand- and I'm still not getting all my stuff done.

Here's 4 things I'm doing to keep myself sane:
  • When you read a blog that shares several great links, don't open each link and save each individual one, just save the blog post. Ex: Richard Bryne over at Free Tech for Teachers recently wrote a great post about resources for teaching about presidents. I'm not teaching presidents right now so I don't need to open up each link and tag them separately. I just tagged the entire post in my delicious under "presidents." Then when I teach it, I can easily go back through the post.
  • Ditch the "read it later" button. I love it but it's just another way for things to pile up and add additional stress. I deal with items right then and there, or file them into delicious where I can always go back.
  • Unsubscribe. It's not necessary for me to follow someone's blog and twitter; I'm tidying up my RSS reader by getting rid of some feeds and just making sure I subscribe to the user's twitter handle. Most twitter users will tweet about their blog posts anyway. 
  • Give up some of your ideas about the perfect summer. Sadly teachers can feel that they have to use the summer to make up for the past ten months of neglected parenting/friendships, etc. This is hard for me. I quickly learned my grand plans of daily trips out, blogging several times a week, reading fifty books, painting, traveling, and cleaning out the china cabinet this summer just might not happen. Not only do I need rest and relaxation- but my little tyke needs it too!

Bonus Item: For those that blog- keep your blogs short this summer! Save yourself sanity and consider those of us who read. We love reading your lengthy and profound thoughts- just not twenty a week. Keep your points short and sweet. Seth Godin is awesome at this!

(Author's Note: The photo was taken by Old Shoe Woman, found using a creative commons flickr search.)


Jason Schmidt said...

Great post! I know my summer will be a lot easier to manage when I think about these four things (especially giving up the 'perfect summer' - it's already July!).

Kelly said...

Thanks Jason! It's amazing how fast the summer goes by!

Karen Ogen said...

Great ideas! I try to spend time with family or at the beach or pool, but I can't totally get out of "teacher mode". I probably plan, learn, and blog just as much now as I did during the school year. Thanks for reminding me that it is time for a break.

Kelly said...

Yes, hang out at the beach for me! I used to live in Florida and I really miss being 20 minutes from the beach!